Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year

Hello Everyone! It is 2010 and I wish everyone best of luck in 2010, lots of happiness and $$$$!

So 2009 has finally gone, what an interesting year it was; property boom, economy crisis, refugee problems, bushfire and etc. I dont think 2009 was a great year to be honest, it wasn't that great for me either.

I think the most interesting that happened to me was I purchased a home and land package and the construction is going to begin in a few weeks time and my house will be completed in around August/September. I know I have said this many times on my blog, but I am BROKE... and 'BROKER' after the boxing day sale and Matt's birthday. Sigh... I really should remind myself to stop spending and start saving for all the furniture needed for my house when it is ready.

I realised I didnt make any new year's resolutions last year and I did feel a bit empty after knowing that, I felt like I havent achieved anything? Then I realised I did plan to buy an investment property in 12-18 months in Aug 2008. I guess I achieved something then?

I want to set some goals for myself in 2010 but I am afraid that I may not achieve them. No harm listing them down I guess :p

  1. Lose another 5kg (seems like this is forever in my todo list for the new year haha)
  2. Furnish and move into MY house
  3. Help my parents to migrate to Perth so I dont have to fly to Malaysia every year
  4. Fight for a pay rise
  5. Declutter and stop buying unnecessary stuff!
  6. Have 5k in emergency fund by Dec 2010
  7. Manage to sew a dress all by myself!

well, I guess thats enough for now. I think the 5k in emergency fund a bit unrealistic seeing that I will need to spend a lot of money in the new house, putting security screen & door, skirting board, alarm system, retic, land scaping.

Anyway, happy new year!

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