Friday, January 08, 2010


Lately, I am suffering from pretty severe PMS, it could be due to stress or simply hormone changes. I have never hadsuch bad PMS before. I was shocked by my mood swing and I could be VERY angry and worked up over the tiniest thing.

I can sit on the couch watching a comedy and cry within the next minute. I will get upset with Cheska easily...

Matt was scared of me, he tried to stir me up one night for some fun and I ended up throwing things aroud and threaten to get out of the car (we were driving to the city). After that, I felt so puzzled, I had no idea why I could get so angry then ....I told him, "I think I am having PMS" but having bombarded by my anger not long ago, he chose to be quiet this time.

I think I should start taking some EPO else Matt will send me to the Psychiatric ward one day.

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