Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Eulogy

Recently, a tragedy happened to one of my friend's sister. She was hit by a car and suffered from severe head injuries and currently she is still in coma. That got me thinking, maybe that will happen to me one day, die of unexpected death. Then of course, I expect there will be a eulogy written for me. I thought HY would be the best person to write that since she is my best friend since highschool.

She did ask why the hell would I want a eulogy now. My reason was I want to know what would she write and I can object/edit it while I am still alive not when I am in the coffin waiting to be cremated.

My friend Darryl ever told me, if you want to know if you have achieved your life objectives, it is your eulogy that would tell you. Then I thought, why only find out when it is already too late? Why not get one now and see how the hell am I doing so far?

This is what HY has written for my eulogy:

Before reaching mid-twenties, Lee Jane Ho has already asked me to write a eulogy for her. A quarter of a century's experience has passed, and I don't think anyone can remember their life as an infant.

Well, I guess I'd begin from the day we met. Let's see, 1997, Form 3 (Year 8) in Lambda class of SMSKL. I was a new student and there weren't many people I could talk to. hahaha Well, Jane was the first one to ask me to join her group for lunch, and since then we've hang out together. We even took accounts in Form 4 (Year 9) just to be in the same class. Hmmm, something gay going around there. (Trust me, it was the best thing I have done in highschool; knowing you is one of the great things in my life. Though we dont see each other much, but we know we are there when we need each other ^^)

Although we are best friends since high school, both of us have very different life style; I'm more of an outdoor person, sports sun and such, while Jane doesn't like any sports that would require her to sweat; and yet we somehow got along just fine.

Right, enough about the boring introductions, let's get to the exciting juicy gossip about her… hahahaha There is a saying that “your best friends are people who know your deadliest secrets”. Hahaha ain't that true? Some stuff you just don’t tell your family but you tell your best friends, but in the case for Jane, she tells her parents eventually. I'm not sure if there's and secrets lying around untold. “*teeheehee, to be told later*

Well, Jane has taught me lots of new things =) My 1st clubbing scene, 1st cigarette, 1st porn movie (boring vcd), 1st B. waxing experience. Haha is there anything I left out?

What about her relationship life?? It is kind of like a roller coaster ride; for both guys and gals. There's a lot of ups and downs, laughter and tears. As her best friend, I'd say some of her ex-bfs are just plain bleeech… and if you're currently present “on this day”, you deserve to go 1st before she does. (Hahahahaha... )

After saying that, Jane is the only gal so far that I've known who remains in contact with all her ex-bfs (maybe with exception of one). Deduction: she can be very forgiving, live and let live attitude. (That's an understatement)

One thing is for sure, if your bored, nothing to do and there's nothing nice on TV, Jane's life would be a live soap opera that you'll need to stay tuned, or else you really don't know what is going on after 2 days… Me, I’m already bad with names, to remember the who the leading actors or supporting actors are, is enough to get me muddle up. This goes for her friends’ name as well. “Who did what and when” and the leads back to “with who again”, and that “who is who?” hahaha confusing!!

I'm sure all of you out there know Jane's strong character. She speaks her mind and shoots criticism like a sniper gun. What can you say; she's frank and doesn't beat around the bush. Does she accept criticism then? Hhmm, good question. The answer would be “maybe” and “seldom" (I beg to differ, but again, I am more self conscious so I hardly need anyone to tell me what's wrong with me.. haha). hahaha It's amazing that we've known each other for 10 years, and still remained in contact as we were parted for the last 5 years. She is located in Perth and Me, in South Australia. I went to Perth to see her in 2005; doing not too bad in Perth. That's where I met Wei, her bestfriend in Perth (How did Wei come into my Eulogy??) . I'll leave the story of Jane's life in Perth for her to talk =). My conclusion of her in Perth is that Perth has been good to Jane; good job, nice friends, nice food. She settled pretty well over there (maybe a little too well, hehehe *you can't kill me now*). (Did you mean I am getting fatter? That's why life been too good for me?)

Though I am pretty happy with what HY has written so far but it doesn't sound like a eulogy at all to me. Oh well, I will ask her to write antoher one when I hit 30, maybe there are more to write about then.

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