Monday, May 22, 2006

Busy Bee

Some friends asked if I have stopped blogging; no I did not stop, I was just getting extremely busy with work, studies and some business stuff.

Here am I, blogging on a freaking Monday morning, had an Email from boss, telling me what she needs by the time she gets in, which is another 2 hours away. Right after this entry, I will dive into a bunch of numbers and statistic....Oh Lord

I had a lot of interesting encounters lately, very interesting indeed......

Met a guy, who thinks he is a casanova born again....... nice guy but soemtimes I feel overwhelmed by the conversation we had

Wei had an accident, her car wrecked totally and she has to look for a new car. We were suppose to have dinner on that evening but she ended up in the hospital for the night and I was running around to sort of things for her. Glad that she is ok and no big injuries.... She borrowed my bike to get around to do her errands....hey woman, you better take good care of my new bike!

Started my own home business, helping people to lose weight and stay healthy. I have lost 2kg so far and 1 inch off from my waist and I don't feel lethargic anymore after lunch. The business is starting off well, hopefull it will be better.

The BEST news is, I am getting my new car today! A brand new Toyota Yaris Sedan 2006 (Dark grey); why dark grey? Because there are no any colours available and I am not fussy, so what the heck, thought of getting a red hottie but then I will have to wait 3 months ><, so dark grey it is then.

I have a friend, whom I dislike...... I hate him sometimes. Every word from his mouth is sacarstic. For example:

Aunt: Hey Jane, where did you have lunch this afternoon?

Me: Oh suppose to have Jap food, but ended in Ipoh Garden.... Ipoh Hor Fun!

Sucker: Ipoh Garden again!?? Why do you go there all the time? Really that good?

Me: Oh, do we see one another all the time?

Sucker: No

Me: Then how do you know I go there all the time.....

*absolute silence in the room, sucker's gf was confused....

Example 2

Me: I hate the owner of G***** C****** boss, he is really a bossy and always asked the customers to hurry up.

Sucker: Because you are not me..... I know him.. he doesn't do that to me

Me: Yea, coz you are a sucker (Of course, I kept that to myself)

I am glad I am not the only person who hates him.

Mother's Day:

Sent both of my parents to a weekend get away plus 2 concert tickets to watch their favourite singer in Genting Highland, of course that includes Father's Day gift.

The very 'dulan' thing was my mom's reaction:

Me: Hey mom, for mother's day, I am plannign to send you and dad to Genting for the weekend plus Fei Yu Ching's concert.

Mom: When? *I expected...'Gasp! Really? Oh wow, thank you!"

Me: 10th June

Mom: Oh, Fei Yu Ching? ermm yea your dad likes him too.....

Me: Yea, so want or not?

Mom: Let me think about it... I will let you know


Mom: ok byebye


Of course, they took the offer in the end...... parents these days... so diff to satisfy them

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