Monday, May 01, 2006


I don't understand why most married men think sleeping with hookers is fine, they think it is a business deal, only sex an dmoney involve; so it is not considered cheating.

I was talking to my sister on the phone the other night, she told me that one of our friends is thinking of leaving the husband because he is seeing a woman from China. So she found out the husband was cheating and confronted him, the husband claimed that he was only paying her for sex.

HELLO!? Since when it is alright for a 'husband' to pay another woman for sex? You talk to your wife if you are not satified with your sex life; you dont go out and look for alternative....

Do you mind if your wife goes out and look for a gigolo when she feels like having soemthing different in the bed?

Then, I met a male friend recently. We were chatting about being mono in a relationship; well this fella claimed that he has 7 lovers and 1 gf. I don't know how true is that but heck.... he is afraid that the gf may find out; he said his gf may chop his dick and feed to the dogs. Why still do it then? If you dont want someone to find out what you are doing, best is not to do it. I learned that in Primary 6.

After hearing and seeing so many failed marriages and relationships, including my own experience, I am considering to find a sperm donor and be a mother. I think being a full time working class and full time mom is more than enough to handle than being a full time wife who has to guard her husband from all incoming threats. I dont want to play games in relationship anymore.

No, I dont want to be gay...stop asking me to be gay you people, neither becoming a bi!

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