Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Reality Checks

Few nights ago, right before I climbed into my bed, my mom called, it was 12:30am. My mom doesnt call that late so I thought it had got to do with my grandma. To my surprise, it was my dad, apparently my dad was very sick, due to high blood pressure, he threw up and had dillusion of me waiting to be picked up at KLIA, KL airport.

He kept telling my mom that I was alone at the airport and it was raining heavily, he actually took his keys and hopped into the car, started the engine and wanted to reverse out of the porch. Lucky my mom managed to lure him out of the car. That's why my mom called, just to check where was I and told me to call my sis.

So, at around 2am, my dad was sent to the Emergency and had a CT scan. Apprently it was his high blood pressure... 111, the normal level is 80-90.

I was very scared, I even planned to fly back to KL the next morning but mom stopped me.

I was worried that I would lose my dad, no, I knew he was not dying, but I was afraid he will just go senile and forget everyone in the family. Human.... is vulnerable sometimes

I am feeling so stressed out lately, studies + work + father, alot of pimples popping out on my face :(

I have to cancel my Margaret River trip because I have to study...... sigh.. but then again, will be freezing in down south ...grrrrr

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