Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Once in a while, I will crave for books. I will buy a few books at once from book store or ebay. Then I will take my time to read them through.

I am currently on a books shopping spree again, looking for some books to read. Matt bought me 'Bringing Down The House' the real story behind the movie '21', about cards counting and such. I did not finish the book because I was not interested in cards counting really, and after I read how they count the cards, that's about it I guess? Cause that was the most important thing in the whole story?

I always go for books that are either inspiring or entertaining, in a nutshell, books that make me think and think about my life or make me laugh and laugh.

I enjoy reading Marian Keys book, currently looking at buying one of her bestsellers, 'Sushi for Beginners'. I was browsing Amazon.com and came across another book called 'Love the One You're With', seems very interesting. Unfortunately, it is very new thus ebay doesn't have this book on sale yet :(.

I have a problem now, I don't have space to keep my collection ><

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