Friday, June 20, 2008


I am in one of those mood again that got me rather depressed. Matt is back at work so I am staying in alone tonight with Mylo, my loyal companion though he seems more depressed than me most of the time. Feel so lonely suddenly without Matt jumping, yelling, cheering, dancing (recently he always show me his robot dance that never fails to make me laugh) in front of me.

To cut back on mobile phone charges, we agreed to email one another whenever Matt is at work so he only has to call me once a day when he is off duty. Works pretty good so far. Then I realised, bugger my phone is absolutely quiet without him smsing me.

Does that mean I am lifeless? I mean when I was single, my phone rang all the time with sms’s and calls, with guys asking me out all the time. Now! ZzzzzzZZZzz. I know it could be the fact that I have changed my mobile# and I only gave the new number to close friends and family. Hey, I do not mean that I want to go dating with other guys now. I am totally not interested besides my botak (he shaved his head AGAIN!). I didn’t give my number to any business contacts at all (even my ex-boss), call me stupid but I am just so sick of the ‘business’ social circle that I had last time.

And of course, those guys who tried to ask me out do not have my new number at all. I am a good gf, pfft! Or.. should I?

But it definitely feels good when there are guys trying to ask me out and hit on me in public places. /Grin.

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