Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sex and The City

(Only read this post if you have seen Sex and The City, else this will be a super boring post)

I LOVE the movie, I love it so much that I watched it twice at the cinema alone. (I am a wierdo that enjoys watching movie by myself).

I believe every Sex and The City fan would enjoy the movie as much as I did. The movie did give the drama a good wrap up and ending, an ending that every Sex and The City fan is happy to see. Believe it or not, this movie did teach me a lot of things.

I came across a blogger who mentioned she couldn't understand why would Carrie forgive Big for leaving her right before the wedding after only 6 months. When I was watching the movie, I felt the same thing. And how could Miranda forgive Steve for cheating?

However, we should never judge one's relationship with someone. Carrie and Big been together for over 10 years, things that they been through could not be wiped off just like that. Love is not Mathematics, 1 + 1 may not be 2. So we may never understand why did Miranda forgive Steve, only they know why, but does it matter? They are happy....

Then Samantha asked "Does loving a person mean you mention his name 50 times a day, more than you mention yours?" "Does loving a person mean his needs come before yours?".

I thought about the questions, I do mention Matt a lot in front of my friends and colleagues (not 50 times a day for sure) and I always care for his needs, sometimes I may even put his needs before mine. Is that stupid? You may think I am, but I am happy to do that. Why judge me when I am doing something I enjoy?

Then you may ask me, does Matt put my needs before his. Yes and No..... depends on the needs I have. But Matt will let me do whatever I want as long as I am happy. So you see, 2 happy souls here, it doesn't matter who comes first, how we 'run' this relationship; there are no rules, as long as every stakeholder is happy. We do not have to report to anyone why we do this or that... and one should never judged us.

In the movie, Samantha loves Smith but she was not happy. She was not happy that his needs come first, she was upset that she was no longer who she was; and her misery was affecting Smith as well, so she left. I admired her courage for walking away from the one she loved for 5 years. She is a good example of "Be happy, life's too short".

Then Miranda forgave Steve in the end. Before she forgave him, they had a discussion with the marriage counsellor. Steve said he thought marriage was about 2 persons be together for the good and worst. They had the good times and Steve created the worst incident........

When Matt and I were going through a pretty rough patch, I said the exact line to Matt. I told him the day I said YES to be hig gf, I have made up my mind that I would be with him through the good and bad times, I wasn't going to walk away when the road gets rocky. Let's just say, after that incident and the 'talk', our relationship has gone to another level and we are still very happy together.

What I am trying to say is, when it comes to LOVE, there are no set rules. Outsiders will always judge us, there is nothing we can do but prove to them that we are truly happy.

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