Saturday, June 07, 2008

Wii Fit

Last year, Matt bought a Wii Fit because I was so crazy over it. Then my excitement and enthusiasm died down a lot because the games became very boring and they were all the same.

Then Wii Fit was released and I was lucky enough, I managed to grab the second last Wii Fit in store (EB Games in Carousel). I was suprised to see Wii Fit is pretty accurate when it comes to measuring our weights, determining our postures and such.
According to Wii Fit, my BMI is ideal but I can lose another 5kg ( o.O ) to reach the perfect BMI of 22. Yea, tell me about it. Now, Matt will remind me to use the Wii Fit everyday to reach my goal weight.

I believe I can drop 5 kg if I use it religiously because my muscle are so sore now after a few sessions with Wii Fit, especially the Yoga and Muscle Workouts. :p

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