Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lazy Saturday

UPDATE: Today turned out to be pretty productive actually. I studied, cleaned my car, spent 30 mins on Wii Fit, cleaned out my make up tray and also my jewellery. Now I need another box to keep the jewellery and man... I have to revamp most of my jewellery. Time to go back to jewellery making I guess.

Today is a super lazy Saturday for me. Woke up at 9am, then 10:30am and then finally got out of bed at 11:30am, which was totally out of my normal routine, waking up at 9am on weekends. Oh well, I went to bed only at 2am this morning, after 4.5 hours of mahjong and $35 losses.

I was bored last night (AGAIN!) so I decided to make another yogurt cake, just to use up all the thickened cream I have in the fridge. I promised I will post the recipe up on my food blog but I am just trying to adjust the ingredients and the size of the pan that I use to get the best result.

So after waking up this morning, I decided to make somehting for brunch. Having my diet plan in mind, I had a soft-boiled egg with one slice of toast.

Then I did my washing...... beautiful day today.... but I just wanted to rot at home.

So what's my plan for today? Is time to catch up with my studies and definitely watch all the movies that Matt downloaded for me and I want to watch Kung Fu Panda AGAIN!!! Watching Sex and The City as I type this entry :)

Alright, I know this is a super boring post... :p

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