Tuesday, October 31, 2006

24th Birthday Bash... Jane was crashed

Thank you for coming on Saturday and your girls/guys definitely made my night. It was a short party indeed, I am soooo sorry!

I have to say sorry to everyone for the mess/trouble I created. I have to say a huge thank you to Sing Ling and Karen for fetching me home, giving me tablet, Gin Sing tea and holding my hair back when I threw up! OMG, I am not your close friend yet you did that, I was very touched and you girls are the best.

Thank you Mel for fetching me water, thank you Wei for holding my shoes and giving me a plastic bag with “holes”.

And STEPH! Yes, thank you for getting me drunk, you bugga, I never threw up over alcohol and you made my first!!!!

Ok here is the story of the night….

8:30pm – Decided to have some rice… I am sure I would be drinking

9.30pm – Head out to Luxxe

10.00pm – Got there, met up with Rose and the gang. They were shocked with what I was wearing, oh well, I rather show my body now when it is still good. I wont do it when I am in my 50s. Oh my

10.15pm – Managed to find the box seats, but there were a few people there. I asked and they didn’t mind to share so I brought the whole group in. I could feel that they were uncomfortable. Haha… they left

10.30pm – bought a Cosmo for the non drinkers to try, got 4 shots, Cecilia took two, Wangmun took one and I took one… bravo

11.00pm – Steph, Mel, Mich and Wei finally got there, wei with her gastric problem so she was exempted from drinking…

11.30pm – Steph dare me to drink tequila shots, oh well, that the heck. Just went for it… I believe someone will get me home safely, I trust the girls

11.15pm – downed 5 shots….damn. Steph wanted to do something kinky, Wei, Mich and Mel concurred.. Fine… lime on my cleavage and steph use her mouth to get it. OOO lala She made me hot! Oh no, I mean the shots…. I had to do something in return, so I made Steph to put salt on her lips and I take it from there.. Oh wow, those buggas didn’t get a good shot, they made me do it again. Ok, not my first time kissing a girl seriously…. :p

12am – In total, I have had 11/12 tequila shots…. I walked to the bathroom, Karen chased me and got me.. “Bluuueekk..” There goes my first puke… I am sorry Karen, I know I puked on your hand… Mel keep fetching me water… thanks!!! I think it gave me something to throw up.

After 1 more puke in the toilet and 1 on the table… I asked Sing Ling to send me home…. Wei snatched my shoes, she scared I would fall down, I even asked her not to loose my shoes, they are new Guess shoes! She almost knocked my head with my heels. Apparently I puked on her shoes too… argh..sorry! Bouncer friend came and asked if I was OK, I think I gave him a hug and a kiss… I couldn’t remember. Oh well, we crossed the road like we owned the road.

Wei passed me a bag…with holes, I threw it to Cecilia to tie up…bah still not very usable.

Sing Ling decided to go to Simon’s house to arrange the cars.

Somewhere near Albany Hwy, SL had to stop coz I need to threw up again. I remembered keep saying sorry to SL….Did I?

Got back to Simon’s house. According to Karen, Simon kept asking if I need a drink/food/whatever.. I just looked blankly…..oh hell, I really couldn’t remember that, I just remember someone was talking to me… CC climbed into my car, SL asked what the hell she’s doing, she said she wanted to sleep. SL kicked her out asked her to go to Simon’s car, then Wangmun sent her back to her car, poor CC, she was drunk too

Went to SL’s place, she gave me tablet and gin sing tea, sorry but I hate gin sing tea…made me feel worse… I am sorry!!!!

Threw up again on the way home, argh..my car… and splashed onto Karen again, you damn “suay” hey!

I managed to direct SL back to my house, I got down…didn’t even bother to lock my car and I said bye bye to them and went into the house straight…

Went into my room…undressed, walked into the bathroom…and had a shower, brushed my teeth, washed my face. Threw up again, damn… I just brushed my teeth. Went to the laundry, tried to find a small bale to bring to my bedroom, in case I wanted to puke again… and I did

I felt so miserable! Argh…felt like killing myself at that moment.

Woke up at 6:30am the next morning, felt good, felt awake, no hang over nothing… er,,, good tequila and good puking…

Called Karen at 7am to find out where was my wallet. Hahah… she said I am abnormal, how come I could get up so early when I was so drunk the night before. Wahaha

I carried on with washing my clothes, did my banking, cleaned my room, had another shower. Met up with a friend for coffee and pancakes, dinner with the girls, and movie with a friend. Wahaha.. I am immortal!

Again! Thank you very much to the girls! I promise I will behave next time!

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