Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Farked Up

I have been wanting to blog for days but I have no idea if I want to write down what happened within the past few days. Many things happened and I have to say nothing was pleasant.

I have no idea what is wrong with my life, seems like God thinks my life is pretty boring so he is putting alot of challenges on me. These challenges drained me out, lucky it was a long weekend, I could stay at home and not to see anyone.

The dating scene has gone terribly wrong, I guess I wont see anyone anymore, not at least in the next few months. Maybe I shall just wait till my mom wants to match make me with some guys from Malaysia so that I will move back to Malaysia.

My sis commented that I always go for the wrong guys, er.. hello?! Who does these days? Human beings tend to be attracted to things they never experienced... oh well

A guy lied to me, I am pissed, I really want to find out the story behind and I knew I could find out if I want to. Then... I started to think "Do I really want to know the truth?". Nothing happened between us, but what he did just pissed me off. I am also afraid the truth will hurt me more.

Seems like a cycle now, when I dont want commitment, God will send a superb guy with slight freakyness, then when I think I am ready for commitment, God send me a devil..... Thank you Dude!

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