Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Relationship - Rights and Wrongs

I remember an incident happened long time ago between Adrian and Me, of course, when we were together.

I just want to use this incident to reflect a recent incident happened to someone I know...

Adrian had to go back to SG and might not have the chance to get his PR in Perth, so I suggest to go to SG to work after my degree so that we could stay together. He didnt want that cause he said he would feel obligated to marry me if I go to SG for him.

So, the conclusion was, he couldnt stay on, he didnt want to work in Malaysia, he didnt want me to go to SG, so I assumed he wanted to break up.

At that moment, I understand that he didnt want to end up being the bad person when we break up; where I have made so much sacrifice for him and it didnt work out.

But he did not realise that he WAS already the bad person when he refused all the alternatives to stay together.

Sometimes, there are no rights and wrongs, good and bad in a relationship. As long as you love one whole heartedly, why do you have to feel bad when you end it? What did one do wrong to deserve to be treated unfairly that you dont give any alternatives to the relationship but to end it?

I think the most reasonable, untilmately legitimate reason to end a relationship is when you dont love the other anymore.

So think twice before you say "Break Up", think of an alternative, if that doesnt work, at least you have tried your best.

You may feel sad because you have lost someone so closed to you, this person has become another stranger, "The Most Familiar Stranger"; but no regret....

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