Monday, October 09, 2006

Cycle of Life


Birth, Ageing, Sickness, Death

None of us can escape from the above. My grandma passed away on last Wednesday at 12:30pm sharp, after 30 mins into coma, died her eldest son's arm. It was quite a sudden death, she had been sick, then totally recovered then coma....

Everyone said she had a good life, she died at the age of 100 yrs old, with 5 generations of decendents at her funeral. Yes, after my grandma, there are 5 generations of us, I am the 2nd generation. So you can imagine how many people were at the funeral.

When I got the news, I wasn't very upset, I felt normal. I mean to me, my grandma already lost the quality of life, she couldnt remember anyone, she sat in the wheelchair everyday, no control of her bowel. Sometimes I think it may be better that she is finally 'set free'. The only thing that I was upset about was that I didn't get to say sorry to her for always quarreling with her when I was younger. When I was back in Malaysia, I made an effort to visit her, sometimes I wanted to say sorry but she no longer remember me. To her, I was just another person who brought her food.

My grandma and I used to fight like cats and dogs, everyone know my grandma would know that she wasn't an easy person to live with. However, no matter how much I hated her, I always make sure she had food to eat and bring her to the doctor whenever she was illed. I might not be the best grandchild, but I was not the worst.

Rest in Peace granny.... I never really hated you

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