Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I turned 24... Typical Scorpion

Oh, to be a deep and dark, sexy and mysterious Scorpio! A passionate, single-minded person capable of depths of emotions.

You need intensity the way flowers need rain. You have a sharp mind and . sometimes a sharp tongue. If someone can.t see the obvious, staring them in the face, you want to whip back the veils of illusion, to improve their view.

You want to go to the heart of every matter and you won.t shy away from the truth just because it.s not exactly what you or others want to hear. You.re a Water sign and ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Yes, you are sexy, because sexiness comes from being real - and that.s something that comes naturally to you . In fact, Scorpio rules detectives, undertakers and sex workers. Please don.t take offense! It.s just that you can be like a detective . going deeper and further into the shady alleys of existence, where lesser souls fear to tread.

Undertakers? You are less afraid than most others of the concept of mortality. In fact, it may even fascinate you. And sex workers? Scorpio rules sex, and not just the love-making side of it! You love what is hidden . you want to uncover it.

And you also love to hide. You like to be alone, with your thoughts, as much as you like to share others. c ompany. You are enigmatic and truly mysterious. Yes, you have that famous sting in your tail, but you are also a healer.

Spending time with a Scorpio is rewa rding. You may not always show your friends and lovers the .sunny. side of life, but with your ability to handle extremes and your capacity to feel profoundl y, you teach the rest of us a little more about what it means to be human - dark side and all.

Try not to be obsessive, though. Learn to forgive and forget w here possible. And allow your watery side to carry you along life.s ebb and flow.

You.re not interested in the superficial which is why your relationships run so deep. You relish privacy and can take a secret to the grave.

You have oceans of tolerance inside you, which is why people love to be around you. You accept what others find unacceptable. You make it OK to be scared. You don.t shy away from the shadow . rather you quest for truth. You.re not interested in skirting around tough subjects and .

If you are truly, madly, deeply Scorpionic . you may even be blessed with magical powers.

I think this is very accurate... Do you think so?

My birthday party dairy on its way...

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