Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another jerk

J :"I have decided to go back to UK."

Me: "Oh? For good?"

J: "Yea, I think UK has mroe to offer..."

Me: "Oh ok, good.."

J: "Maybe you are right, I am not the type of guy for you..."

Me smiled.

J: "I will probably go back to UK in January."

Me silenced

***1 hour later***

For people who know me, I get quiet when I am angry, the angrier I get, the quieter I become...

J: "So whats your plan?"

Me: "what do you mean?"

J: "about life..."

Me: "Life goes on"

J: "oh...ermm...ok"

Me turned around, put my bag down..."Look J, what do you want me to say? what do you want from me now?"

J : "I like you but I have to go back to UK, if I get too attached to you, it will be difficult for me to go to UK.

Me: "Then what do you want me to say?"

J: "I really like to hang out with you, we can still go out sometiems"

Me grabbed my bag turned around "Its bad time to talk now, I am speechless, you are a selfish piece of shit"

J: "Is ok, take your time, I can wait..."

What is there to wait for? Maybe we can still be friends...but not at this moment.

Funny isn't it? We are not even bf/gf, we were just exploring if we fit one another.

But I am indeed angry coz he already thinking of going back to UK even before he met me.

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