Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Old Entry from Xanga

So I was reading my old blog on Xanga and found this funny entry. Written on January 2005. Enjoy!

Phew! I am tired coz jusst finished cleaning the tv area and filed all all the vcds and dvds we have.

OK! The only thing that I hate about Chinese New Year is spring clean! Why oh why! Why must only clean right before Chinese New Year?

Ok, I was assigned to clear all all the vcds and dvds that we stacked up near the TV area by my mom. Oh well, I supposed it wasnt a tough job so I agreed.

So this morning, I started clearing the cds after my breakfast. Then I found a big plastic bag full of PS games, then my father decided to go through them and see if there are any nice games. So he started picking up a few games and turned on his playstation.

So, both of us were sitting in the living room, me putting the cds into the plastic folders while my dad trying his PS games. Of course! I watched him play while I was clearing the cds.

Me:"What game is this? What are u suppose to do?"

Dad:"I dont know. I think I am suppose to shoot the space shuttles."

Me:"OH.. quick quick shoot.. there is one. Iyah.. faster lah... why you walk here and there.. just shoot lah!"

Dad:" Cannot aim lah.. he keep shooting the ground... don't know how to shoot up.."

Me:" I think you are suppose to jump then shoot.."

Dad:" How to jump oh? Stupid!"

Me:"Iyah.. only 4 buttons... try each and every single one."

******Game Over******

Dad:"F*** You. Stupid game"

Me:"Iyah.. you dont know how to play lah... not the game stupid, you stupid."

So, my dad gave up and moved on to another fishing game. As usual, one controller, two players.

Dad:"Ey, how to start?"

Me:"Press start loh."

Dad:"Oh.. cannot.. iyah.. try X"

Dad:"Wei, how come no fish. Waited for so long still no fish.."

Me:"Go to another spot lah. Move the boat.."

Dad:"OH, can move one.. Ohoh got fish already."

Me:"Quic quick.. reel.. becareful.. dont break"

*****Fish Lost*****


Mom:"OOoi.. I asked you two to clean not play. Wei, you help your daughter lah, dont just sit there and play...."

Hehehehhee... my dad kena from my mom lah. Coz I was clearing while watching. Have mah. Now, we have finally finished cleaning. Have to go out later with my mom to buy some cd casings and bowls.

I just told my dad PS1 is very very old and no more games. He is considering to buy PS2. Heheheheheh


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