Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Sometimes, I am cofused....

I thought I wanted something, then I worked towards getting it; when I got it, I didnt think I really needed it; I threw it away, I bloody regretted threwing it.... Is that what we call LIFE?

Anyway, had a 'girls' night out last night; we talked about kinky stuff that people do in bed.

A friend of mine, tried Strawberry low fat cream and beer..... I think of beer, I wanna puke... beer on human body and you lick it. Can you imagine that?

C then said cream on body can go off because the body heat will change the smell of the cream. Eeeeekkkkkk. She said mango slices on human body is fantastic.... ok, summer is coming, get your mangoes guys!

I suggested honey? No, I didn't try honey before! I am not THAT kinky... they said yucks, honey is too sweet and too thick....

Strawberry jam then, but an episode of House was talking about a gal contracted infection on her vagina simply because they ran out of lubricant when she last had sex with her bf, they decided to use Strawberry jam. Bingo, infection happened there....

Then I told the girls, the act in bed is a hassle, why do people still wanna do the "extras"? Hahaha we probably talked too loud, we were sitting outside Gelare in Northbridge... the guys behind me were listening and watching I guess, I could feel it... hehe

Anyway, just watch what you put on your body or your beloved's body.

Why do people always put sweet tasting thing? Why not savoury? Blue cheese? Wasabi? Tomato sauce?

Ok, you probably can tell I dont feel very sexual now.. Wasabi, oh my... Ain't I creative?

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