Sunday, September 10, 2006

Me and My Mom again

Mom: "Ey girl, remember when you left that time, you told me that you left a jar of facial mask in the fridge, you asked me to use, dont waste it."

Me: "Huh? Did I?"

Mom :" yea, that day I found a jar of thing in the fridge, looks like facial mask. Is it the one you left?"

Me: "Please... I left in February, you expect me to remember till now? I couldnt even remember what did I have for lunch last week."

Mom:" Iyah, that jar...the thing in there abit rough rough..sandy"

Me: "Ok, you put that on your face for 10 mins, wash it off. If no red thigns pop up on your face the next day, thats mean it is safe and it probably IS a facial mask."

Mom: "...... 你驶唔驶这样?"

Me: "hahahahahahahaaaa...throw it away la, so long already."

Mom: "Okok"

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