Friday, September 01, 2006

Bad kisser

Wei came to the office in the evening, we planned to have dinner at my favourite Hawkers. Then, boss asked me how did all my dates go, then I started telling about T.

So what happened to T and me?

Last Tuesday:
Met up T to have dinner at his place. He tried to get physical, I pushed him away. He asked me out again, I said I will be busy till Sunday and I will see how.

Last Wednesday:
T smsed me "What am I to you in this friendship?"
Me : "Lets meet and have coffee tomorrow night. We need to talk"

Last Thursday:
Me :"Lets take thigns slow, I barely know you and you barely know me. I am not sure if I am ready for another relationship."
T: "Ok..."
T: "Hey, what are you doing this weekend?"
Me : %#$%#$#$ idiot..which part of the conversation you dont understand

So T called me on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to ask me out even I have already told him I am busy! I told him next week is better, fair enough he called on Monday! I said I want to stay at home to have a few quiet nights.

He stopped calling for 2 days and Wei jinxed it yesterday and T really called on Thursday, I left the phone ringing. He is a stalker! Boss said "Red flag red flag"! Bloody right.

So, I was telling them that T is a bad kisser. Why did I kiss him? Coz I was mad! I was seriously mad.... oh well, he was extremely sweet and good looking at the beginning but then I realised he is not my cup of tea.

Then boss and Wei think bad kissers are bad in bed. Somehow I think it is true, if you dont know how to use your lips/mouth, how can we expect you to know how to use your 'lil bro'?

Boss and I agree, 8/10 men think they are good kisser and 8/10 men think they are good in bed. 9/10 times a woman has to fake orgasm, looking at the paint on the ceiling, thinking when the paint going to dry. Women tend to make the men feel they are great, why? Because we dont want to bloody waste our time moaning and faking.

If you are a man and think "gee... I am nvr like that", please, you wouldn't even know if your gf/wife is faking it. Talk to them if you want to know the truth.

Why do women fake it really? Women want affection and passion, rather than action. We do not mind giving up action to protect our beloved's manhood as long as we have alot of passion and affection. Get it?

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