Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kids Problem

My sister been bugging me on which primary school is best for my nephew.

Hello!? I will have to worry about that when I have my own kids, please dont bug me now. Moreover I dont really care abt primary school, I think all the schools are the same, they teach the same syllabus, I will be more concerned about the facilities like clean environment, air cond, computers, safe play ground /field, hot guys, er... i mean good looking people who dont irritate my eye sight...anyway!

She wanted to send him to my former primary school, which is a very popular Chinese primary school.

Now she decided to send him to another sorta popular primary school which is freakign far away, ok, not that far but the trafiic jam will kill you.

Sigh, deepest condolences to my nephew. Your grace period is over, 18 years of mental torture is ahead waiting for you.........

Whenever I see kids throwing tantrum on the street in public places, I will remind myself "Use a condom!"

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