Friday, September 15, 2006

Money money

I was hanging out with M in one of the pubs in Subi, chatting and drinking.....

M: "Hey, my friend is there, I'll go over and say hi.."

Me: "Ok"

==== 5 minutes later====

M: "Hey Jane, meet my friend A and his friend S..."

Me: "Hello, nice meeting you..."

=== typical social conversation ===

S: "Hey Jane, what do you do?"

Me: "I do....blablabla"

S: "Great, can I have your contacts? I may have someone wishing to come to Perth."

Me: " email is....."

=== 3 weeks later ===

Email from S :"Hey Jane, remember me? I am blablabla, do you wanna catch up for a drink? I think you are very interesting."

Reply from me :" Yes, I remember you. But sorry I don't think I can meet you for drinks."

S: "Are you single? You looking for a partner? Maybe we cna meet for some fun? You like to be spoilt?"

Me:" Sorry but I am not interested"

S: "What if I spoil you with some money?

=== curiousity arise===

Me: "How much can you offer?"

S: "$450 for the first hour, $250 for every other hour"

=== the end===

Ok, put it this way... he wasn't the first guy who offered me $$$ for sex but no one ever offer me an hourly rate before.

Once, a man is his 60s offered me RM5k to spend a night with him...

Another time, a married man offered me RM10k a month to be his mistress, with apartment and car.

Of course, I did not accept any of those offers, I can support myself very well, why the hell I need them to give me money?

Just an interesting encouter for this week....

Not sure I shall be happy that there is someone willing to pay me for sex or feel sad that people is treating me as a hooker.... kanasai

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