Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thought of the week

I have been very very frustrated lately, I hate almost everything in my life, was very close to quiting my job, pack my bag and go back to Malaysia for a long holiday.

Then I read an article in the Orientalpost, written by Helen Wei, that article changed my perception and started to thinklife isn't too bad after all.

从前有一位大师要远游, 嘱咐弟子好好看着他的兰花。师父平日视兰花如命,弟子不敢怠慢。

一天半夜,忽然刮起狂风,下起暴雨。尽管弟子们闻风而起,但是待他们来到院中时, 兰花已经被打得七零八落, 一片狼藉。回山后,弟子们胆战心惊地站在师父面前等待受罚。





活着本来是一件再美好不过的事,可是偏偏有些人, 动不动就怨天尤人,好像生活就是受苦受罪。 如果真的有一天要取消他们在世界存活的资格,他们是会欢呼雀跃或是痛哭流涕?

伤心郁闷和失意抱怨不会让生活的方向改变。生活的目的, 以及因生活而产生的一切事物, 都是为了幸福和快乐。


I am not sure if everyone understands this, I tend to whine alot sometimes, about work and stuff. After reading this article, I told myself not to whine anymore (though it is hard sometimes), whenever I feel like complainging about soemthing, I will read this article again.

Really, living in this world is wonderful, except the terrorits bombings and natural disasters. Sometimes, the world does seem better if we look from another angle.

I got stood up by a guy the other night and I was very upset; then I started to think of this lady that I know.

Lets call her S.

Aunt S's husband walked out from the family when their daughter was 8, he took all the money, cleared the house. Aunt S was left with nothing to raise her daughter, for the past 20 years she did not meet another man and raised her daughter by herself, living in the same old house which she and the husband rented 20 years ago, and they are still renting it.

Today, aunt S is just like any other middle aged woman, she goes to church, attend gathering, walk her doggy, play mahjong......

Then I compared my "stood up" situation and her "husband gone for ever with all the money", I didn't feel bad anymore.

That's my way of comforting myself, when bad things happen, I will recall the worse things that happened to the people around me, then I would feel better cause there's someone watching over me and things havent been THAT bad yet.

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