Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to KL

Mom is pastering me to go back to KL for my grandpa's 80th birthday. So I finally decided to go back in late November so that I can celebrate my mom's birthday and my grandpa's birthday. The ticket is more expensive but I guess is worth it sicne I get to spend some time with my mom on her birthday.

Seems that my family is pretty worried that I am still single. I often hear my friends complaining to me that ehtier parents are playing match making. I thought I didnt have to worry about that until I reach 30. But apparently my mom is very concerned indeed. I am afraid that she will match make me with someone when I am back in KL. *Sweat

I am thinking of doing a post grad degree now, looking at Masters degree, probably MBA with International Business in China or Masters Law with International Mining and Resources, I doubt I can qualify for the latter...but *shrug

My mom called me crazy..thinking of studying again.

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