Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Trying to recall some interesting conversations I had lately....

Watching Big Brother with R. Dave got kicked out, he met with his bf (He is gay). R got his eye rolling when he saw the two boys kissing and hugging.

R: "Do you have gays in your family?"
Me: "Erm... let me think....." "No.. only step relatives"
R: "Ok, cool.."
Me: "Why? Do you have any?"
R: "Nah.... "*looking away*

***** Moment of silence *****

R: "Actually my dad is gay"
Me: "Hahahahahah... yea right! Thats the biggest joke I've heard..!"

****R's face turned stiff****
Me: "You are not serious, are you?"
R: "I am farking serious... he admitted he is gay when I was 21"
Me: "Oh...... ermm..... er..." *OMFG... what do I say now?*

What could I say? "Hey dude, dont worry, homosexual genetics are not inheritable probably!"?

D: "Hey Jane, heard that you broke up recently. I am sorry"
Me: "Nah, is ok... old news anyway."
D: "How you feeling?"
Me: "Fine, single can be fun, just abit lonley sometime when you need someone to listen to your bullshit"
D: "But you were always alone even when you were in the relationship! He was in Sg and you were in Perth!"

Ah... how true is that. Hahahahaha

I have a few more interesting conversations but I better get back to work now. To be continued...

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