Monday, August 14, 2006


I realised that the longer I live in Perth, the more reluctant I feel to go back to Malaysia for holidays.

Now my mom is pastering me to go back in December for my grandpa's birthday and Chinese New Year in February. I asked her immediately "Do you think I own this company?". She then asked me to go back for one week each. It will cost me 1k on air ticket alone to go back to Malaysia, go back twice means expenses. I will be looking at 3k at least, all my savings will be gone. Tsk tsk.....

I am still deciding, when to go back, December or February? I really dont want to spend all my money travelling back and forth to Malaysia, I rather go somewhere I've never been to like Shanghai, Melbourne and Taiwan.

I understand my parents want me to be with them during Chinese New Year when it is time for reunion especially I am their only child, they will be so lonely if I am not there. Sigh... decision decision

Any suggestions?

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