Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who am I?

I was reading Wei's blog and she mentioned how I treat her as a friend....

Recently, I have decided to cut the crap and delete all the people who I do not wish to talk to from my MSN, to my surprise, I deleted more than 15 people in one go. Do I really hate them? Nah, I dont but I just think they are not interested in talking to me so why waste our time?

I will delete someone from my MSN if she/he:
  1. Doesn't reply to my MSG 5 out of 10 times
  2. Msg me 10 times "You there?" even when I put away
  3. Offend me
  4. Let me find out she/he ever blocks me
  5. Nudge me all the time

I even deleted some of my "close" friends because they have simply changed .. they still msg me once in a while, just that above their nick will have "XXX is not in your contact list" and I will give them my minimal response.

Yes, alot of people are in my block list too.

I am not saying that these people dont deserve to be my friends, is just that we are no longer on the same page nor share any common interests. So best to leave it and move on before we ignite the fire and quarrel till we can no longer be friends.

So how do I treat my friends?

I am always there for my friend, even if it is 3am or 6am in the morning, having hang over and have barely 2 hours of sleep.

I will stand up for my friends, I can't stand other people bullying my friends or even take advantage from my friends. Of course, I will only claw them with my friends' permission, I dont want to interfere with my friends' business too much, I respect their privacy and independence.

I respect my friends decisions as long as they are not harmful to others. I will tell my friends if I think they are doing the wrong thing, I can be very straight forward and harsh but my intention is to bring the msg across as fast and effective as possible.

I am not possesive, I dont require my friends to spend time with me everyday. I believe true friends are not required to meet at a regular basis. HY and I nvr met for almost 3 years and yet we are still very close. I appreciate my friends and often I will send msg and even call my friends and jsut ask them how are they doing? Nothing significant but often is the thought that counts.

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