Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Copy Cat

I was reading a friend's blog Librarian, she mentioned a few random things about herself. I think it was rather interesting. I shall make one too..hhehehe I am a copy cat

  1. I hate Risotto!
  2. I count in Cantonese too!
  3. I have a tendency of losing my shoes in the office....
  4. I sleeptalk and sleepwalk
  5. I am extremely good with names and faces
  6. I dont like to pain my nails
  7. I can type without looking at the keypad
  8. I can study and 'listen' to TV at the same time
  9. I can finish a 45 mins drama within 10 mins
  10. I have more than 30 pairs of shoes, 11 pairs of jeans and more than 20 handbags
  11. I am super lazy in replying SMS, dont be surprise if I only reply your SMS 3 days later
  12. I like to scold people with my limited Hokkien vocab
  13. I like to say "Kill you" to people who irritates me
  14. I hate loud people
  15. I stay friend with all my ex(s)

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