Monday, August 28, 2006

What do I look for?

So I had dinner with Wei last night in Fremantle, had my favourite pasta.

Then of course I talked about the guys and she told me about her gals.

Again, we talked about T, coz he is really driving me up the walls, he calls me and sms me multiple tiems a day to ask me out even when I made it clear that I will be busy for the next few days. He just likes to push his luck further and further and I am on the edge of yelling at him.

I never like pushy guys and I am not a possesive/sticky gf (you may verify with all my ex's) so i expect the same thing from the guy. I need to have my own space and spend time with my other friends. I don't like to go out with him every single day, my God... I can feel my anger rising now.

Moreover, we have nothing in common to talk about ... I think I need to tell him off soon, very soon!

Then we digressed to "looks", I realised that cute guys dont interest me if they cant challenge me intellectually or even have a 'interesting' conversation with me. So I guess look doesnt really matter to me as long as the guy doesnt look like this guy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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