Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just a lil update

I am feeling very sick now, even the doctor said my body is too run down, my body is aching, eyes are watery, nose is red... but my skin got better. Wierd. I just can't belive I have been sick for almost one month now. I am on a sickathon ...

Anyway, HY has gone back to Adelaide now; I almost forgot what was it like when we used to party in KL. HY gave alot of her "first" to me, her first clubbing, her first cigarette, not sure abt her first alcohol...... hahah we shall do it again gal. Lets try cigar and night swim next time. You have to come back for my birthday! Halloween party!

A small encounter happened a few days ago. I thank my friends who stood up for me thinking I was being treated unfairly. But I hope you girls understand why I kept quiet, I dont want to make things ugly between us, no matter what I say... things are not going to change. I accept that everyone's different, different mentality, different preference and religion beliefs. I will apprecite it if you girls can calm down and leave it behind you. Yes, I was angry, hurt and upset... actually you girls know that my flu was better on weekend then it just got so bad after that incident.

Our pyjamas party.... I can't stop laughing with wei's beanie
Lucky I still have my Garfield PJ

Wei and Me... I look half drunk... I wasn't even close to 'high'

HY and Me.... We had so much fun at Court! So many cute guys there but sigh... see no touch!

Hahahhah sorry..but i have to put this up

Wei cought me unguarded when I was showing HY the video I recorded. Wei said it is very natural... Let this photo mark the 10 yr anniversary of our friendship! I love you babe!

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