Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Final Clarification

I hope after reading this post, none of my friends will come to me and condemn about Adrian or our long gone relationship again.

Yes, we had a fantastic time together, including all the ups and downs. Finally, a few months ago, we reached a cross road and realised we need to be going into different directions and we can no longer give what one's expected.

Adrian was my best friend and an excellent bf, they were only 2 of us in the relationship so no third party has the right to condemn/comment on our break up. Its over people... why do you still want to bring it up?

We are still friends and we talk once in a while. Adrian is still the excellent guy I met on the first day of uni, I have no doubt that he will be a fantastic husband/father/person anytime in the future and I wish him all the best.

Now... get back to work

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