Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sigh.... The farking City to Surf Walk....

I had an eventful weekend I would say, everything turned up to be so terrible that I feel like banging my head on the wall now.


  1. Had to leave early and go home to feed the dogs coz my cousin was too busy to feed them.
  2. Rushed to Northbridge hopefully still can catch up with my boss for her birthday celebration; couldnt locate her ad her phone was dead. Walked around in NB for 15 minutes
  3. Rushed to nedlands to have dinner with a friend
  4. Called T while waiting for my friend to explain the whole entire "I am not ready" situation because he didnt seem to understand when I told him that on Thursday night
  5. Eyes rolling when T asked me to join him in Joondalup. whats wrong? There I told him I want to take things slow and meeting a friend tonight, there he asked me to oin him in Joondalup.
  6. Friend was late... great and I was the one who paid for the dinner. I owed him a dinner
  7. T kept SMSing and calling me through the night, keep asking if I wanted to go to Joondalup when I have told him a few tmes that I am with my friend n Northbridge. Gr....
  8. Got a msg from C, telling me she didnt get her confirmation email. Sorry but I have done all I could and they already sent her another email. She should have followed up by herself.


  1. Woke up to a SMS from Wei, telling me she didnt sleep and cried, her knee was hurting badly. I woke up, tried to find a GP for her.....
  2. Washed up and sent her to the hospital for after hours GP. Waited there for more than 1 hour I think...
  3. T called me again! He asked if I want to catch a movie tonight. Hello!!!?? I told you on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday that I am occupied all weekend. Whats wrong with you? I ended up saying "Didnt I tell you that I have plans for the weekend? I just told you last night and I told you multiple times!" Sorry but I just couldnt help it, I dont like to be pushed
  4. Helped her to get medicine, crutch (I dunno how to spell) and lunch coz she cant have medicien with empty stomach.
  5. Sent her home, rushed to my uncle's shop to close up and collect the money
  6. Rushed to sueprmarket to get another set of t-shirts for the printing
  7. Realised it was too late to colelct the Race Pack..... &^$^%$!%^%#%$@# Never been that angry !
  8. Tried to lcoate boss and explained, thank God it is ok without race number..she didnt mind
  9. Went out for dinner, thank God the food was good.
  10. Realised we bloody can't print the pictures on the t-shirt. Great! fantastic!


  1. Didn't sleep till 4am due to gastric
  2. Woke up late
  3. Rushed to the office to meet up with boss and a friend, explained the t-shirt thing. SHe was not happy at all and said she won't arrange this walk again next year.
  4. I told them had to give it a miss, the gastric is killing me as I am typing away.....
  5. Boss is not happy, duh....

What can be worst?

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