Thursday, August 24, 2006

Out of the game

I have been seeing this guy, lets call him T. I forgot where exactly did we meet but I went out with him a few times and he seems very nice.

T is a chef, working on oil/mining vessels and he makes fantastic dessert; high income earner and good looking too. T is very keen on me, he asks me out every single day and he is happy to cook for me. I kinda enjoy being spoiled, lying on the couch while the man cooks and cleans, I think I can live with that.

Last night, he raised the super question "Where do I stand in this friendship?"

So whats the problem? He is cute, sweet and has a fit body, has a house 2 mins walk away from the beach, has a cat that I actually like and he can cook!

The problems are:
  1. My mom doesn't like me being with someone who needs to work offshore so often
  2. I am not sure if I am cut out for a guy who needs to work offshore every other month
  3. I find it hard to understand his British accent
  4. Though I love his dessert, the other dishes he made were quite scary
  5. He lives freaking far, 45 mins drive from my house
  6. Wei said he looks gay, I don't want to be an undercover for him. How the hell do I find out if he really is a gay?
  7. I am not sure if I am ready to jump into another relationship.

I don't like grey area in relationship, I have asked him out tonight for coffee so I can talk to him and make myself clear.

If he can't accept that I want to take things slowly then I think I would have to stop seeing him.

I just want to make sure that I don't date the wrong guy this time!

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